Veterans Memorial Park of Jackson County Kicks Off Student Tour Season

Gayla Sue Mendez - 4/21/2024

April 16, 2024, in Scottsboro, Alabama - The Veterans Memorial Park of Jackson County (VMPJC) welcomed students from Woodville and Skyline schools for an immersive tour. Led by dedicated veteran tour guides, Gayla Mendez and Raymond Brandon, the students embarked on a journey through the Park—a journey that teaches them about the True Cost of Freedom.

The tour began as Brotherhood Pavilion, where they learned about the bonds forged in service and sacrifice before moving on to the Monument Circle where the Memorial Honor Wall serves as a powerful reminder of those who gave their lives for our nation. Along the way they learn about the Constitution and the Freedoms we enjoy. 

The hour and a half tour delved into the basics of military protocol, gaining insights into honor, duty, and respect. Students explore the military exhibits, including the newly refurbished Huey helicopter exhibit that left students in awe. They even had the opportunity to sit inside, experiencing firsthand the legacy of these iconic aircraft. The students from Skyline declared the experience as "Totally Radical!”. The Veterans Tour Guide Team was equally impressed with the students who wanted to learn about the Armed Forces and showed their youthful pride for our Nation. The tour ends at Monument Circle with the reciting of the pledge of allegiance and the playing of TAPS.

Educators, Take Note! All educators are encouraged to take advantage of this unique educational opportunity. The VMPJC tour provides an unforgettable experience that goes beyond textbooks, instilling a deep appreciation for our veterans, military history, and the true price of freedom.

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